Rampage: Capital Punishment

  • South Korea
  • 2014
  • TBC
  • 97 MIN
  • 17 Dec 2014

Cast and Crew

  • Brendan Fletcher
  • Lochlyn Munro
  • Mike Dopud
  • Director: Uwe Boll

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About Rampage: Capital Punishment

“Sadistic kevlar-donning small-town misanthrope Bill Williamson is back! His mission: to wreak vengeance on those in power and save America from itself, one bullet to the head at a time!

Taking over a Washington D.C. TV Station and keeping its employees hostage, Williamson brings his message to the people, executing executives, security guards and cops with devilish glee to punctuate his point. And as the body count on TV rises, so too does the body count in the outside world, as people start listing and begin taking back the freedom that was promised them.

A strong social message wrapped in an ultraviolent package, Uwe Boll’s RAMPAGE 2: CAPITAL PUNISHMENT solves todays problems the old fashioned way… by blowing their brains out!

[Brendan Fletcher] is hypnotizing


[An] intense war-field of a finale


Very good ... it seems like Boll might be turning a corner in his career

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