Sick Girl DVD

  • USA
  • 2007
  • R(18+)
  • 79 MIN
  • 02 Mar 2011

Cast and Crew

  • Leslie Andrews
  • Writer & Director: Eben McGarr

Trailers and video

Sick Girl Trailer


About Sick Girl DVD

There s nothing wrong with hurting things smaller than you, provided you also take on things bigger than you . . . Young Izzy (Leslie Andrews) is a girl with issues. Her parents may be dead. Her older brother is fighting in Iraq and she s raising her younger brother, Kevin, all by herself. Things are tough but, with the help of her motorcycle-riding friend Barney, she deals with her situation the best she can. Unfortunately, Izzy  isn t exactly stable… and her way of dealing with life s problems includes finding people to torture and kill in the barn near the family home! When a trio of bullies picks on her brother Kevin at school, all hell breaks loose. The two that die are the lucky ones…

“Sick Girl is low budget cinema at its best”


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