Stag Night of the Dead DVD

  • UK
  • 2009
  • TBC
  • 85 MIN
  • 22 Aug 2012

Cast and Crew

  • Sebastian Street
  • Sophie Lovell Anderson
  • Joe Rainbow
  • Bruce Lawrence
  • Rez Kempton
  • Director: Napoleon Jones

Trailers and video

Stag Night of the Dead Trailer


About Stag Night of the Dead DVD

Set in the grip of a global zombie pandemic and on the eve of Dean’s wedding, a group of old school friends head off to a run down military base with a PVC clad stripper for the ultimate stag party experience. Forget paintball, at ‘Zomball’ you get to shoot zombies with a dirty great stun gun. After breaking the golden rule of ‘Zomball’ – “never humiliate a zombie” – the party really get’s started and the lad’s discover that is stag night is about to get out way of hand!

“A glorious mixture of Night of the Living and The Wedding Singer”

Battle Royale


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