• USA
  • TBC
  • 98 MIN
  • 17 Feb 2016
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Cast and Crew

  • Mariah Bonner
  • Bobby Campo
  • Catherine Cappiello
  • Directed by: Griff Furst

Trailers and video

Official Trailer


About Starve

In the sparsely populated town of Freedom, Florida, hitchhikers and lost travellers are being captured and put in situations that test their will to survive. Beck, Candice and Jiminey, on a road trip researching an urban legend about feral children, are captured by a reclusive psychopath, Runyan, locked in an abandoned and are forced to fight other captives for food or face starvation and death.

A gory, tension-filled amalgamation of THE HILLS HAVE EYES, SAW and PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS, STARVE answers that age old question “Who do I have to kill to get a meal around here?”

Very mysterious, very suspenseful and very fucked up

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