The Eyes of My Mother

  • USA
  • 2016
  • MA 15+
  • 76 MIN
  • 19 Jul 2017

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  • Extended Interview with Nicolas Pesce
  • Promotional Featurette
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Cast and Crew

  • Kika Magalhaes
  • Diana Agostini
  • Olivia Bond
  • Will Brill
  • Directed and written by : Nicolas Pesce
  • Produced By: Max Born, Jacob Wasserman & Schuyler Weiss
  • Cinematography By: Zach Kuperstein
  • Music By: Ariel Loh

Trailers and video

Official Trailer


About The Eyes of My Mother

One of the most disturbing horror films of 2016, EYES OF MY MOTHER lingers with you long after the final credits roll. The film follows Francisca, a young, lonely woman who becomes consumed by her deepest and darkest desires after tragedy strikes her quiet country life.

Raised by her mother, a former surgeon from Portugal, trained in anatomy and taught to be unfazed by death, young Francisca’s idyllic life is shattered with the arrival of a mysterious visitor whose actions deeply traumatize the girl, but also awakening unique, disturbing curiosities. Though she clings to her increasingly reticent father, Francisca’s loneliness and scarred nature converge years later when her longing to connect with the world around her takes on a dark form.

Shot in mesmeric black and white, THE EYES OF MY MOTHER bucks traditional horror tropes to create what could be considered a new style of American Gothic. Magnificently horrific Nicolas Pesce’s debut feature is a deliciously gorgeous nightmare that simultaneously seduces and abhors.


"Hands down one of the best horror films of the year"


"My mouth was agape for much of The Eyes of My Mother... this is the stuff of Sundance

Slug Magazine

"Unnervingly creepy, a grotesque, grisly treat"

Paper Magazine

"One of the best horror movies of the year"

  • Official Selection

    Sundance Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection

    Seattle International Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection

    Sydney Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection

    Melbourne International Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection

    Fantasia International Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection

    Fantastic Fest 2016

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