The Glass Coffin

  • Spain
  • 2018
  • MA 15+
  • 77 MIN
  • 03 Dec 2018

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Cast and Crew

  • Paola Bontempi
  • Directed By: Haritz Zubillaga
  • Written By: Aitor Eneriz & Haritz Zubillaga
  • Produced By: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia & Carlos Juárez

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About The Glass Coffin

Dressed for the occasion in an elegant evening outfit, Amanda steps into the huge luxury limousine which is parked outside her house, waiting to take her to the gala ceremony where she is due to receive a lifetime award for a career in acting.

Suddenly the glass in the windows goes dark, Amanda’s phone is jammed and she can’t open any of the doors. A strange voice, distorted by a metallic filter, tells her not to try to break the windows. She will not succeed, it says; the voice has thought of everything. She would be better just to accept that she is trapped inside.

If Amanda doesn’t want things to turn even more unpleasant than is strictly necessary, from now on she must do everything the voice tells her.

The time has come, THE SHOW IS ABOUT TO BEGIN…

Part thriller, part horror movie, the greater part of “The Glass Coffin” plays out with a single actress (Paola Bontempi) and a single location, the interior of a limousine, offering the spectator a disturbing leap through the looking glass separating our world from the inaccessible and apparently glamorous world of celebrity.

"Haritz Zubillaga is one of the rising stars of Spanish cinema"


“A strange and sophisticated blend of Saw and Paul Verhoeven’s Elle.”


"A razor-sharp piece of filmmaking"


  • WINNER - Best Film

    FilmQuest 2017

  • WINNER - Best Actress - Paola Bontempi

    FilmQuest 2017

  • Official Selection

    Monster Fest 2017

  • Official Selection

    Fright Fest 2017

  • Official Selection

    Sitges 2017

  • Official Selection

    Málaga Film Festival

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