The Subjects

  • Australia
  • 2016
  • MA 15+
  • 78 MIN
  • 17 Aug 2016

Extra Features

  • Audio Commentary
  • Music Video
  • Making of Featurette
  • Trailers

Cast and Crew

  • Paul O'Brien
  • Spencer McLaren
  • Charlotte Nicdao
  • Emily Wheaton
  • Paul Henri
  • Katharine Innes
  • Frank Magree
  • Tosh Greenslade
  • Written and Directed by: Robert Mond
  • Produced By: Josef Gatti, Robert Mond & Dean Murphy
  • Music By: Amiel Zwier
  • Cinematography by: Josef Gatti & Tim Smart

Trailers and video

Official Trailer


About The Subjects

SunSkye, a global technology and pharmaceutical corporation, have created an all-new revolutionary drug that is now ready for human testing. They recruit a group of eight strangers for the trial, offering them a large sum of money to participate. The conditions are simple; they are locked in an observation room, required to take a pill, and be observed for eight hours. It’s not long before the subjects begin to feel their bodies change. The effects are unlike anything any of them has ever experienced; They are developing superpowers. As their corporate captors motives become more and more suspect, can the subjects learn to control their newfound abilities and work together to escape the room? Or are superpowers not for everyone?



"Tautly constructed, thought-provoking and engaging"

Sydney Scoop

"Gamechanging… The Subjects takes the concept of a superhero origin story and gives it an infusion of realism."

Starburst Magazine

"A wild ride"

The Guardian

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