Summer of Massacre The

  • 2015
  • R(18+)
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Cast and Crew

  • Nick Principe
  • Brinke Stevens
  • Cleve Hall
  • Director: Joe Castro

Trailers and video

The Summer of Massacre Trailer


About Summer of Massacre The

All heil Joe Castro, the new Herschell Gordon Lewis! In this glorious slasher-fest Castro sends viewers on a tour through the mind of madness, as multiple killers strive to create the biggest and bloodiest body count imaginable. Featuring 8 killers in 5 carnage-drenched stories, Summer of Massacre lives up to its name with a body count unsurpassed in slasher film history – it’s official too, just ask the Guinness Book of Records!

The Summer of Massacre is a hyper-paced foray into grindhouse insanity with a body count the builds with every depraved frame – bodies are sliced, torn, ripped, stabbed, impaled, squished, burnt, hacked, crushed and scalped in ways you never thought possible.

With popcorn in one hand and a barf bag in the other, you’re going to love The Summer of Massacre!


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