There's Something In The Pilliga

  • Australia
  • 2015
  • MA 15+
  • 83 MIN
  • 18 Mar 2015

Cast and Crew

  • Brendan Byrne
  • Director: Dane Millerd

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About There's Something In The Pilliga

The Pilliga Yowie, – or ‘Jingra – has haunted the Australian outback for centuries, stalking a remote part of New South Wales, where men seldom dare tread, content to keep to itself… until now.

Ocker truck driver Jay and his cameraman buddy Dylan journey into the PIlliga National Park with some drunken sheila’s they meet in a pub. Things take a sinister turn when a local legend comes out to play – complete with big teeth, sharp claws and a craving for human flesh!

Beer, blokes, babes, blood and bush – This film has it all! Think Razorback meets Housos and you’ll come close to the uniquely Australian THERE’s SOMETHING IN THE PILLIGA

This authenitc Aussie scarefest will have you thinking twice before venturing too far off the beaten track. Thank God I'm a a city boy

Matt Lawrence, Fairfax media

Startling imagery with no holds barred intensity! Terrifying!

Glenn Cochrane - Fakeshemp

Hits all the right buttons

Andrew Dunkley, ABC Radio

Razorback meets Wolf Creek meets Housos

Inverell Times

5/5 stars

  • Pemiere

    Monster Fest 2014

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