Video Hoarders

  • Australia
  • 2017
  • TBC
  • 30 Aug 2017

Cast and Crew

  • Series 1 Episode 1 - Jamie Tate
  • Series 1 Episode 1 - Josh Schafer
  • Series 1 Episode 2 - Stephen Fredricks
  • Series 1 Epsiode 2 - Christopher Bouchie
  • Series 1 Episode 3 - Kire Naumovski
  • Series 1 Episode 3 - Caroline Lee
  • Series 1 Episode 4 - Luke Woodhouse
  • Series 1 Episode 4 - Zack Carlson
  • Series 1 Episode 5 - Merinda Staubli
  • Series 1 Episode 6 - Fitzroy Film Fair
  • Series 1 Episode 7 - John Harrison
  • Series 1 Episode 7 - Darryl Stephens
  • Series 1 Episode 8 - Matthew Runciman
  • Series 1 Episode 8 - Yasmina Ketita
  • Series 1 Episode 9 - Matthew Gibb
  • Series 1 Episode 9 - Simon Miller
  • Series 1 Episode 10 - Richard Clements
  • Series 1 Episode 11 - Simon Harcourt
  • Series 1 Episode 11 - Charlie Glennerster
  • Series 1 Episode 12 - Scott Bruce
  • Series 2 Episode 1 - Derek de Vreugt
  • Series 2 Episode 2 - Brent Medson
  • Series 2 Episode 3 - Leon O'Regan
  • Series 2 Episode 4 - Tony Romeo
  • Series 2 Episode 5 - Ben Hellwig
  • Series 2 Episode 6 - CJ Krause
  • Series 2 Epsiode 7 - Harley Julian
  • Series 2 Episode 8 - Zak Hepburn
  • Series 2 Episode 9 - Daniel Pitcher
  • Series 2 Episode 10 - Deniel Cross
  • Series 2 Episode 11 - Alex Lanco
  • Series Creator & Director: Rob Taylor
  • Producer: Rob Taylor
  • Producer: Jarret Gahan
  • Producer: Ben Hellwig
  • Executive Producers: Scott Mullins & John Riddell
  • Executive Producers: Ryan Vox & Rod Williams
  • Original Score: The Screaming Meanies
  • Cinematographer - Series 2: Jarret Gahan
  • Sound Recordist - Series 1: Leanne De Leo
  • Sound Recordist - Series 2: Ben Hellwig

About Video Hoarders

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VIDEO HOARDERS is a web-series that follows creator & host Rob with his two-man crew as they journey around Australia tracking down likeminded video tape collectors affectionately dubbed ‘tape-heads’ to check out their collections and “search the wild for that next rare find”. Shot on a combination of high-definition digital and antiquated tape equipment, VIDEO HOARDERS has its own distinct style that while playing to the aesthetic of the program’s content, it maintains a slick presentation.


EPISODE ONE – Picture Search Video

Rob and crew venture into the heart of Richmond’s badlands and find themselves at Picture Search Video, one of Australia’s last remaining video libraries. Owner Derek De Vreugt guides our heroes through multiple levels, nooks and crannies of his crumbling movie palace until at last they stumble across a veritable treasure trove of VHS on the very top floor. Tapes on display include the first-gen Roadshow release of NADIA, the Susan George horror film FRIGHT on Thorn EMI and RCA Columbia Picture Hoyts’ LOVER BOY starring Noah Taylor.

EPISODE TWO – Brent Medson

Rob and crew hit the slopes of Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs and find themselves in the bungalow of former Mount Martha Video Centre proprietor and devout film collector Brent Medson. Tapes on show include UNDERGROUND TERROR (CBS Fox Video), NEAR DARK (Roadshow Home Video), THE KRAYS (Palace Home Entertainment), RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES (Applause Home Video) and GRIZZLY (RCA Columbia Pictures Hoyts Video).


Rob and the gang voyage across the Yarra and find themselves in one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs to visit Umbrella Entertainment’s production manager and EX Film label director Leon O’Regan. Tapes on show include the completely uncut New Zealand release of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (Mega Zone Home Video), THE BRUTE (Video Classics), DEATH TO THE PEE WEE SQUAD (Taft Video), MURDER LUST (Video Excellence) and loads of ultra-rare Palace Explosive Home Video & Roadshow Home Video promotional items!


Rob and the crew head to the Tullamarine hinterlands to talk to Space Age Video store owner and Force Video managing director Tony Romeo about THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, David Lynch’s DUNE, Jackie Chan and the golden age of VHS and DVD distribution in Australia!

EPISODE FIVE – Ben Hellwig

Every week Rob and the boys travel far and wide to bring you some of the finest VHS collections in the country, but this week, well, they decided to stay at home! Hanging out in VIDEO HOARDERS producer Ben Hellwig’s home, nestled snugly in Chadstone – our nation’s fashion capital, Rob and Jarret were given a tour of the long-time collector’s impressive library of tapes. Some of the gold on show include SURVIVAL GAME (Palace Home Entertainment), WALDO WARREN PRIVATE DICK WITHOUT A BRAIN (CBS-Fox), CYCLONE (Virgin) and SPERMULA (Video Classics Gold).


Artist, toy collector and nineties horror aficionado CJ Krause invites Rob and the team to explore her phenomenal collection of film and television paraphernalia. From TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES to TWIN PEAKS with a whole heap of THE TOXIC AVENGER in-between, CJ’s collection is astonishing in both depth and breadth of awesomeness! Warning: This episode has been clinically proven to induce excessive eBay spending sprees!

EPISODE SEVEN – Harley Julian

In this week’s episode of VIDEO HOARDERS, Rob and the lads delve into arguably the greatest VHS collection we’ve had on two seasons of the show. Nestled deep in the dark heart of Australia’s Capital Territory, Harley Julian’s expansive library of cassetted delights is a true wonder to behold. Every tape is immaculate and the breadth and scope of his collection is reminiscent of some of the pre-Blockbuster Video Library superstores of the late 80s / early 90s. From classics to cult, action to adult, kung-fu to comedy, Harley’s library has it all. If there’s once episode of VIDEO HOARDERS not to miss, it’s this one!

EPISODE EIGHT – Zak Hepburn & The Astor Theatre

Melbourne’s historic Art Deco movie palace, The Astor Theatre, hosts Rob and the team on this very special episode of VIDEO HOARDERS. General Manager, Programmer and ABC News Breakfast film critic Zak Hepburn takes us on a guided tour behind-the-scenes of the cinematic landmark and fills us in on its 84-year history. If you’re a fan of cinema, cinemas and Australian cinema history, this is an episode not to miss!

EPISODE NINE – Daniel Pitcher

The VIDEO HOARDERS crew head out to the South Australian coast line, not far from where STORM BOY was filmed, to catch up with collector-extraordinaire, Daniel Pitcher. Daniel’s astounding VHS collection is protected by Prairie the Goat, which, considering the quality of the man’s collection, is 100% understandable. Tapes on display include BLAME IT ON LAMBADA (VIDEO DISTRIBUTION COMPANY), THE BEAST IN THE CELLAR (Tag Video), ATOR THE INVINCIBLE (Showcase), ESCAPE TO THE SUN (Video Classics), DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY (Fox Video) and CHARLI (Tag Video).

EPISODE TEN – Deniel Cross

Once again the VIDEO HOARDERS trio head to Australia’s murder capital, Adelaide, this time to partake in a couple of work beers and visit the garage of Deniel Cross. Hidden away in the leafy suburbs of the city of churches lies one of the most magnificent VHS collections we’ve come across so far. Filled to bursting with some of the finest horrors, po-pocs (post-apocalyptic films), barbos (barbarian films), slims (sell-thru tapes) and salacious smut, Deniel has enough gold he could open a shop… and in fact, that’s what he did! Six months after we visited him, Deniel opened up Star Blaze Collectables in Hindley St, right across from the GU Film House Cinema in Adelaide. Tapes on show in the garage (and in the store) include THE DEADLY SPAWN (Prestige Video), REVENGE OF THE NERDS (CBS-Fox Video), 1990: THE BRONX WARRIORS (RCA Columbia Pictures Hoyts) and CINDERELLA 2000 (Super Video). Also on display is Deniel’s magnificent retro video game collection which includes relics from Nintendo, Sega, NeoGeo, Amiga, and Atari.


In this, the season finale of VIDEO HOARDERS, Rob and crew cross the Tennessee border and travel deep into some Kandarian ruins to the home of Alex Lanco, Australia’s biggest EVIL DEAD collector. Alex has converted his garage into the ultimate EVIL DEAD tribute cellar, including ‘to spec’ fireplace, clock, porch swing, basement steps and a passageway to the evil worlds beyond as detailed in the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Alongside pieces from the actual cabin in the woods, chainsaws, ceremonial daggers, replica broomsticks, and a copy of just about every physical release of the Sam Raimi’s trilogy of terror, lies a broader collection of VHS tapes, movie posters and vintage video store standees. There is literally something for everyone in Alex’s magnificent collection, hell, even Rob finds one of holy grail tapes wedged in-between THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSION and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.


EPISODE ONE – Jamie Tate & Josh Schafer

In this episode, Rob heads out to Lara (VIC, Australia) and chats to rabid tapehead Jamie Tate. Tapes on display include EVIL DEAD (Filmways, K-Tel & Vestron), INCUBUS (Video Classics Gold), THE VIDEO DEAD (Premiere Home Entertainment) and DAWN OF THE DEAD (CBS-FOX). In the bumper VIDEO HOARDERS profiles LunchMeat VHS Magazine’s Josh Schafer.

EPISODE TWO – Stephen Fredricks & Christopher Bouchie

Rob traverses the mean streets of inner-west Melbourne and finds his way into hardcore collector Stephen Fredricks’ tape bungalow in this, the second episode of VIDEO HOARDERS. Highlighted tapes include SPERMULA (Video Classics), FRANKENSTEIN’S CASTLE FREAK (Starbase), SHE-FREAK (Go Video), THE HITCHHIKERS (K&C Video), PINK FLAMINGOS (Palace X) & WHAM-BAM-THANK-YOU-SPACEMAN (Starbase). In the bumper, VIDEO HOARDERS profiles the amazing 3000-tape collection of Christopher Bouchie.

EPISODE THREEE – Kire Naumovski & Caroline Lee

Insatiable FRIDAY THE 13TH fanatic Kire Naumovski is the subject of Episode 3 of VIDEO HOARDERS. Rob gets a world tour VHS-style as he is exposed to Jason Voorhees’ adventures on video tape from all over the globe. Stops include Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea. Other tapes highlighted in the episode include SCANNERS (Roadshow), ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS (Starbase & Infinity Video) and I DRINK YIOUR BLOOD (Media). In the bumper we profile Austin, Texas collector-extraordinaire Caroline Lee.

EPISODE FOUR – Luke Woodhouse & Zack Carlson

VHS roadtripper Luke Woodhouse is the subject of episode four of VIDEO HOARDERS. While Rob rummages through Luke’s impressive collection, Luke shares with us some fantastic archival footage of his 2006 Victorian VHS expedition where he and wife, Cassie raided every video library between Melbourne and Warragul, scoring some first-rate finds. In the bumper, OUTSIDER host Zach Carlson highlights some of his 4000+ strong collection of VHS horror oddities.

EPISODE FIVE – Merinda Staubli

Tapehead, Merinda Staubli has been collecting horror and Disney VHS since her early teens. In this weeks episode of VIDEO HOARDERS she shows Rob some of her impressive collection including BOARDING HOUSE (Showcase), PIECES (CBS-FOX) and TRILOGY OF TERROR PART 2 (CIC). In the bumper Rob takes us on an Op Shop treasure hunt through the wilds of Bayswater.

EPISODE SIX – Fitzroy Film Fair

Rob takes a trip to the Wild West of video hoarding when he enters the Fitzroy Film Fair (now the Melbourne Movie Market) and catches up market organiser Stuart Simpson (DRAGON FORCE X) and collectors Brent Medson, Ben Hellwig, Stephen Fredericks, Nick Zamudio, Hannah Atkinson and Joel Charter for a chat about all things VHS!

EPISODE SEVEN – John Harrison & Darryl Stephens

In this instalment of VIDEO HOARDERS, Rob invades the home of film writer John Harrison (aka The Graveyard Tramp) and has a gander at his insane collection of weird and wonderful VHS tapes. Apart from contributing to magazine’s like Fatal Visions, Cult Movies, Scary Monsters, Headpress, FilmInk and others, John also published his own seminal 90’s fanzine, Reel Wild Cinema and his collection highlights his taste for the bizarre. On display are HITCH HIKE TO HELL (Starbase), BLOOD FEAST (Palace Explosive), THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (K-TEL), and BLOODY WEDNESDAY (Showcase) as well as an impressive collection of imported Something Weird tapes. In the bumper we take a look at Canuck Collector Darryl Stephens and his outrageous collection of horror tapes from the Canadian distributor Astral Video.

EPISODE EIGHT – Matthew Runciman & Yasmina Ketita

Our destination this week is located deep in the wilds of Adelaide as Rob ventures into Starbase-freak Matthew Runciman’s garage for a look at his amazing collection! Tapes on display in this episode include SLEEPAWAY CAMP (K-Tel), EQUINOX (King of Video), GYMKATA (MGM-UA), CAT O’ NINE TALES (K&C Video), THE BABY (Starbase), HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES (Starbase) and SASQUATCH (Starbase). In the bumper we take a look at Witch Finger Horror Podcast host Yasmina Ketita’s collection of rare Linnea Quigley tapes.

EPISODE NINE – Matthew Gibb & Simon Miller

Rob visits Matthew Gibb and his unbelievable man cave in Adelaide, South Australia. We take a look at the Betamax format, laser disc and some of the first ever video cassette players which make up only a small part of this amazing collection. Tapes on display include EVIL DEAD (Filmways), ONE DARK NIGHT (Showcase), THE NIGHT STALKER / THE NIGHT STRANGLER (Star Video) and THE WRAITH (Palace Home Entertainment). In the bumper we feature Sydney-based uber-collector Simon Miller and his cupboard of doom!

EPISODE TEN – Richard Clements

Richard Clements’ phenomenal collection of VHS is enough to make any hoarder weep! Heading over to Perth, Rob gets a tour of Richard’s inner sanctum and a look at some truly magnificent tapes. VHS on show include BRAINDEAD (Video Box Office), CHOPPING MALL (Vestron Video International) DEMONS (Palace Home Entertainment) HAUNTS (Delta Home Video) Exterminator 2 (RCA-Columbia), BMX BANDITS (K-TEL) and BELLS (Roadshow Home Video). In the bumper, Rob take a trip out bush to a secret location and comes back with a literal hatchback full of tapes!

EPISODE ELEVEN  – Simon Harcourt & Charlie Glennerster

Exploring the uncharted reaches of Thornbury, deep in the heart of Melbourne’s inner north, Rob stumbles across the insane VHS collection of Simon ‘Simondo’ Harcourt. Moderator of the Facebook group ‘Australian Vintage Video’, Simon’s collection is filled with tapes both rare and bizarre. Films on display include BEING DIFFERENT (Seven Keys), PARAMEDICS (Peacock Films),  BEN (Virgin), SWEET AND SAVAGE (Roadshow) and a rare uncut preview tape of THE TOXIC AVENGER (Premiere Home Entertainment). In the bumper we feature the tapes of UK collector-extraordinaire Charlie Glennerster including his global assemblage of THE WRAITH VHS!


In the season finale of VIDEO HOARDERS, Rob travels to Perth to get a rare look at the collection of one of Australia’s most extreme tape heads, Scott Bruce. The hardest working man in VHS gleefully highlights some of his most extreme and bizarre tapes, including LEGACY OF SATAN (1974 – Box Office Video), BLOODSTALKERS (1976 – Sundowner Video), FORGOTTEN WARRIOR (1986 – Seven Keys Video) and COMBAT SHOCK (1984 – Delta Home Video). Rob also delves into Bruce’s many colourful YouTube characters and his obsession switch from gory horror films to Jungle Actioners! In the bumper, Rob makes a rare find deep in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD!

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