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MONSTER FEST 2013 is on its way and WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!

We’re looking for talented and dedicated people to head up a number of key departments so we can make Monster Fest bigger, better, brighter and bloodier than ever before.

So, If you’re a horror fan and you’re looking to get involved in Australia’s nastiest and gnarliest film festival then this is the exact opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

We’re looking for people to take the lead in the following areas.

Public Relations Manager:

We want the world to know about Monster Fest and we need a hardcore horror hound to take this on and to help spread the joy.

Video Production Coordinator:

We’d like to capture Monster Fest in all it’s gory glory and to do so we need someone to be our production maestro.

Event Manager:

Monster Fest is a beast and it needs serious management – you got a planners head? Yes… then we need you!

Guest Coordinator:

Monster Fest guests need careful management, they need picking up, dropping off, pampering and chaperoning but above all, they need TLC – do you have what it takes?

Sponsorship Manager:

Like all good festivals Monster Fest depends heavily on sponsors – we need someone to head this department and help bring the good stuff to Monster Fest – if you think you have skills to offer here, we’d love to hear from you.

Materials Coordinator:

Monster Fest is about films – films that come in various formats from various sources from various places around the globe – this needs serious coordination – is this the job for you?

Cinema Liaison Manager:

Cinema Nova is the dream location for Monster Fest and we need someone to work close to the cinema to control things on the ground – they’ll need to manage the on-site volunteers, guest lists, merchandise, in cinema events and promotions etc – if you think you can help we’d love to hear from you.

Monster Fest volunteers are cool, sexy and popular!

So who are we looking for?

We’re looking for people with something to gain from helping to coordinate an event like Monster Fest – you could be a student of any of the above areas, you could be a festival veteran, you could be just someone with a whole lot of passion, nous and experience and you just want to see Melbourne have a horror festival to be proud of – Is this you? Yes? Then PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.

What does a Monster Fest volunteer get for their hard work?

As well as the satisfaction of being part of something truly deranged, demented and downright worthy, all Monster Fest volunteers will receive a Volunteer Superpass to all Monster Fest screenings and events, an official Monster Fest 2013 t-shirt, and personally signed Monster Fest poster.

We will also supply references and any other materials that you might need to help you professionally in your area of expertise.

There will be other fringe benefits too folks, you’ll walk the street with a spring in your step knowing that it is you, and fiends just like you, who are responsible for the moral decline of Australia’s viewing public – what’s more you’ll be cool sexy and popular, look at this guy…

“Being a Monster Fest volunteer changed my life – thanks Monster Fest!”

So what do you do if you want to volunteer?

Simple folks, just email Neil Foley at with the subject ‘Monster Fest Volunteer” and tell me all about yourself and what you’d be interested in doing.

I’ll get back to you ASAP, ask you to send your CV to us and then over the next couple of weeks we’ll work out a time to meet.


Neil 🙂

About the author: Monster Pictures

Monster Pictures is a Melbourne-based distribution / production company dedicated to delivering the most energetic, unique, creative, innovative, provocative, bizarre, frightening, challenging, surreal, offbeat, absurd, twisted, demented, raunchy, cinema in the world today.


  1. I’ve got an online Melbourne-focused radio show that would come in handy I’m sure. Let me know if you’re interested!

    1. Admin says:

      Hi there! Can you send your CV and about yourself and what you’d be interested in doing to Neil Foley at

    2. Monster Pictures says:

      Hi Keith, thanks for getting in contact – the radio show sounds very interesting indeed – can you email me at and we can talk about it in more detail. Cheers mate, Neil.

  2. Sam Morrison says:

    how would i go about helping out with public relations? i would like to help and that is probably the only area i can think of that i can help with

    1. Monster Pictures says:

      Hi Sam, thanks for getting in contact – the best thing to do if you’d like to get involved is to send me your CV and maybe outline what it is you’d like to do and what experience you may have and then we’ll go from there – my email is Cheers, Neil.

  3. zio ledeux says:

    hi where is this taking place? i live in sydney and have a lot of experience with theatre and costumes

    1. Admin says:

      Hey hey! Can you send your CV and about yourself and what you’d be interested in doing to Neil Foley at

    2. Admin says:

      Can you send your CV and about yourself and what you’d be interested in doing to Neil Foley at

    3. Monster Pictures says:

      Hi Zio – the Festival is in Melbourne. We are working on doing something similar in Sydney but for now it’s just here. Thanks for your email. Neil.

  4. Jason Driver says:

    If you ever need a hand in Perth Neil.My mate Griff n I are here to help. We can cover most of those categories listed.

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