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On a wet and windy night, a team of intrepid, brave souls from Monster Pictures ventured into the depths of Melbourne’s most feared and revered Cabaret Restaurant – Dracula’s, to witness the spectacle that is “Retro Vampt”.

All patrons are met outside by a number of lively & enthusiastic Drac’s staff & then ushered into the belly of the beast itself. What struck us immediately was how well done the production design and layout of Drac’s is. The attention to detail is superb and everywhere you look there are curios and horror mementos, make sure you take you time to check out all the amazing items on the walls, ceiling and floor!!!

After exploring the incredible upstairs bar area all the while being entertained by excellent Drac’s staff, we had a souvenir photo taken & then a great Ghost Train ride (seriously, how many theatres/ restaurants/ ANYWHERE has its own Ghost Train?!) before we were escorted to our seats in the main theatre area. Drinks were ordered, menu’s were perused, the packed house was buzzing and the “Spine Crunchers Band” kept us entertained until it was show time.

A quick note on the food, it shattered all notions about Cabaret Restaurant meals being average at best, it was excellently prepared, delicious & more than enough at three courses. Horror themed (yes, there was a chocolate coffin!), Gluten Free & Vegie options available for those that are that way inclined.

The show itself, “Retro Vampt”, is a homage to the 70’s and the entire crowd (Monster Folk included) loved every part of it – from the opening Clockwork Orange themed number, Burlesque routines, the ‘James Bond’ montage, Rocky Horror in 6 minutes (a-mazing!), Pole dancing, the Queen puppets performing Bohemian Rhapsody (a highlight) and much, much more. Most astounding was the same cast of 5 performers did the entire show the entire night!

These 3 guys and 2 women put in an incredible effort and the packed house loved every minute. After the show we headed back to the bar to meet the cast & spend more time scouring the walls for horror memorabilia. We left buzzing about the show and the spectacle of the night & knowing that Monster will return to Drac’s for more shenanigans! Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant is a fantastic night out, either on a date or in a group.

It receives the Official Monster Seal of Approval and anyone looking for something different and fun to do this New Year’s Eve should seriously consider celebrating with the Vampires! All tickets include VIP Gift Bag on arrival and you will get the full Dracula’s experience, including a ride on the Ghost Train, three course meal and the current show “Retro Vampt”, plus countdown celebrations including a glass of champagne and an encore set from the Spine Crunchers Band at midnight! Check out their Facebook page at: Or their website at: for full details.

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