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Does not Compute: 5 Films That Show Technology is Not to Be Trusted

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Antisocial, the frankly awesome tale of social networking gone awry, will be making it’s Aussie debut at Monster Fest this year (tickets available here), before being released on glossy Blu-ray and DVD on December 4th. Brutal, shocking and guaranteed to make you think twice about what you post on Facebook, we can’t wait to show it to you.

Technology has always been shitter. For every Manborg out there, there’s some other tech that will inevitably want to bite us on the ass. Just look at the Terminator films – James Cameron was clearly out to […]

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Sydney Underground Film Festival – An Interview with Katherine Berger.

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Since 2007, the Sydney Underground Film Festival has been shocking Sydneysiders with the world’s best underground and independent films. This year is no different.  They’re serving up a smoregus board of witches, video cassettes, subhumanoidies, zombies, and even a cute Lil’ locat. Regardless of the genre, they will make you laugh, shock you, and challenge the conservative conventions of filmmaking.

The festival will even see the return of one of Australia’s most controversial cult figures: Mr. DoodleBurger.

Monster catches up with Katherine Berger, co-director of SUFF, to get the lowdown on this years must-see films.

Tickets can be purchased via […]

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