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Myth Maker: The Cinema of Neil Marshall.

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Neil Marshall has been announced as the director of the Troll Hunter remake. Though I find this a waste of time in every sense, Marshall’s the deft choice. If you want an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat spectacle of a movie, set in the cold climes of the European continent, then Marshall’s your man. In an effort to justify this claim, I present to you Neil Marshall’s filmography thus far!   Back in August we presented the Top 5 New Wave Horror Directors. Well, Marshall and his own band of merry men were the previous wave. Along with directors James Wan, […]

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New Werewolf film Bad Vibes is due for release soon. Produced by John Landis and Elijah Wood (swiftly becoming a horror-hound himself), Bad Vibes is set in the 60s and chronicles the hair-raising adventures of hippy rock-band, Sunrise Majesty.


To celebrate the return of the werewolf movie – and particularly Landis’ involvement in the sub-genre – Alex Smith would like to present his Top 5 Werewolf Movies.


Let’s begin with the movie which started it all – the original 1941 The Wolf Man, directed by George Waggner. Unlike Frankenstein and Dracula, The Wolf Man and his particular mythology […]

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