The Mind’s Eye – Special Event Screening

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Due to circumstances beyond our control Joe Begos’ International festival smash-hit THE MIND’S EYE wasn’t able to screen as promised during Monster Fest. To make up for this, Monster Fest and Monster Pictures are pleased to announce that this Friday the 4th of December, we will be showing this absolute mind-bending corker of a film at the Lido in Hawthorn at 7pm. This is a truly fantastic film, so as Molly Meldrum would say “Do yourself a favour” and get on down to the Lido and check it out. Oh, and if you’re a VIP Pass Holder for Monster Fest, you get in FREE! Tix available here if you’re not 

Telekinetic patients revolt against a sinister doctor, who’s tapping their spinal fluid to increase his own mental powers, in this unabashed homage to SCANNERS and THE FURY. Packed with more cranial detonations, popping veins, and full body explosions than both films combined, the blood runs free in this retro gorefest that boasts practical effects, a propulsive Carpenter-esque synth score, and a grungy ‘80s look. Featuring a genre-friendly cast including Jeremy Gardner (THE BATTERY), Larry Fessenden (WE ARE STILL HERE) and Noah Segan (STARRY EYES), this assured sophomore feature from writer-director Joe Begos (ALMOST HUMAN) comes to Monster Fest direct from its TIFF 2015 premiere as part of the prestigious Midnight Madness programme.




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