Ireland , 2012

  • 84 MIN
  • DIR: Joe Wright
  • CAST: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey

“It’s ALIEN by way of THE GUARD... Slick, smart and deliciously irreverent” – Irish Examiner

The Sundance smash hit has arrived! What do you do when blood-sucking aliens invade your hometown? Kick arse! What do you do if they’re allergic to alcohol? Get pissed, then kick arse! Only the Irish could dream up such a scenario. GRABBERS is 84 minutes of drunken shenanigans that will have you, literally, running to the bar! Drink up OR DIE!

On the shores of the tiny township of Erin Island things are getting strange. Mutilated marine life is washing ashore and the locals are unsettled as the population suddenly begins to dwindle. Unbeknownst to all, an invasion of bloodthirsty aliens from deep space has begun. This is the scenario that workaholic Garda (that’s Irish for Police Officer) Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) walks into when she volunteers for a two-week assignment while the regular local Sergeant takes a vacation. Nolan cops resistance from fellow Garda Ciaran O’Shea (Richard Coyle) who can only function when he’s pissed. Luckily, as things get weirder, English scientist Dr Adam Smith discovers the octopus-like creatures from another planet are terminally allergic to human blood when it’s tainted by alcohol. In an effort to avoid a massacre the standing order becomes get drunk to stay alive!

GRABBERS affectionately tips a tentacle to many creature feature traditions while raising a pint in the name of slime covered carnage and saturates you in both. A feckin’ scary laff-fest to be sure!