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AUSTRALIENS … this is an actual film!

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No guys seriously there is a film out there called AUSTRALIENS! Honestly, isn’t that absolutely genius?!?!


Best of all, you can get all the goods about this film right here! There’s a synopsis and a trailer, and I think we can all kick ourselves for not making this film first!

SYNOPSIS: At the age of 10, Australian-born Andi Gibson had what she describes as a close encounter with a flying saucer. Naturally, everyone assumed she was bonkers. That is, until one notable evening, 17 years later, when an airborne extraterrestrial armada launches a nation-wide assault on Andi’s home country and at the same time, for unspecified reasons, kidnaps her mother.

To add to the debacle, it seems the other nations of the world are far too insulted by their exclusion from the attack to come to Australia’s aid. Now it is up to Andi, her hypochondriac brother Elliot, retired boxer cousin Keith, and documentary filmmaker friend Cam to stop the attack and rescue Andi’s mum. Enlisting the help of Andi’s equal parts mysterious and cringe-worthy father, the gang must battle car-chasing spaceships, martial arts aliens, giant killer robots, and, perhaps most frighteningly, a deluge of family secrets in their fight to save Australia. Bloody hell, this is gonna be a long night.


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Source: DreadCentral

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