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With two hours left Dearest Sister has reached it’s goal!

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Great news for anyone following the progress of the IndieGoGo campaign for Dearest Sister, from director Maddie Do – the film has made it’s target … $10,000 over it’s target and there are still two hours.

You can still contribute, and help this film become even better! The more money the better for Maddie Do and her team.


Maddie Do is the first horror director from Laos, and with the support of the fans she can live her dream and expand Laos’ film contributions. They have not made many films, and with people like Maddie it can only help the country.

Check out the campaign before it finishes, and support horror filmmakers!

Maddie’s IndieGoGo campaign: Hello there! My name is Mattie Do and I’m Laos’ first horror film director, and yeah, I’m also Laos’ first – and only – female director. Crazy, right? I’ve been living in the Lao capital, Vientiane, for the last five years, and I’ve been right in the middle of the birth of modern Lao cinema. 

I’m getting ready to shoot my second feature film, ນ້ອງຮັກ (Nong Hak), or in English, DEAREST SISTER, this fall on location in Vientiane and out in the jungles in the surrounding province. Hopefully, I’ll get through this film without any dengue fever outbreaks… Yeah, last film? That happened.

If I’m counting right, Nong Hak, will be ONLY the 13th Lao feature film. AND it will be one of the most ambitious films ever produced in Laos. 

Nong Hak is the story of a Lao village girl, whose only chance of escaping indentured poverty is to manipulate her wealthy cousin’s illness into dependence. Oh, and it’s got ghosts, too.

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