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Big Ass Spider – Los Angeles Under Threat

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Big Ass Spider Hero

Can one local exterminator and a security guard save the world from a bio-engineered, alien spider? When the fire power of the US military isn’t enough and the city of angels is under attack it falls to Alex and Jose and their rifle, shotguns, rocket launcher and unique style. Big Ass Spider follows the fight of these unlikely heroes against a venom spewing, building climbing, fast moving and fast growing arachnid.

Seriously funny and seriously good, Big Ass Spider ‘made me laugh harder than I’ve laughed at the movies all year’ – Roger

Be prepared to be trapped in […]

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Robocop, Twin Peaks and now Big Ass Spider! Interview with Ray Wise –

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Check out the fascinating interview with Big Ass Spider! star Ray Wise featured on Fangoria.  The Ohio native is probably best known for his work as Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks, but Monster fans would know him from Jeepers Creepers 2, Dead End, One Missed Call and now, the upcoming Big Ass Spider (which is crawling its way to Australian stores and VOD this Feb 19th) He has also appeared in cult favourite film Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. With a career spanning 45 years find out what drew him to his military role in Big Ass Spider and […]

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Monster Fest Perth

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Well Monsterites Perth Monster Fest has come and gone and oh what a blast it was!

For all of you Perth Monsterfreaks who turned up to pay homage to some of the coolest and nastiest little genre flicks on the planet, we tip or little Monster caps and say a heart felt “THANK YOU”!

Particular thanks goes to Alex Dermer, Vanessa Gudgeon, Lindsay Hallam, Travis Johnstone and to anyone else who stepped in to help out – we appreciate it enormously!

Also a huge thank you must go out to Ingrid van den Berghe, Tony Bective and all the team […]

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American Mary Hits Cinemas!

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American Mary worked its body mod magic on the festival circuit, picking up over 15 international awards including Best Picture at Screamfest, Toronto After Dark and Shudder Fest

After she is betrayed and brutalized by one of her professors, medical student Mary Mason’s life takes a surprising turn as she becomes a sawbones for the local mob after she stumbles into a seedy burlesque bar looking for work. Simultaneously ‘Bloody Mary’ becomes a hit in the body-modification underground after she helps a woman become the ultimate living doll. Before long Mary finds herself becoming increasingly unhinged as the operations pile […]

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Monster Fest

Shorts from Hell

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Here they are folks! The short films selected to play at Monster Fest film festival this year! yes after weeks of watching endless short grindhouse magnificence, we’ve finally arrived at the list below. The decision wasn’t easy believe me – there were so many entries it really was a tough thing to hone it down to this final list. It’s amazing just how many sick bastards there are out there in Monster Land. Anyway – here’s the list, remember all the filmmakers selected will get a double pass to the film that their films is paired with + they will […]

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The Making of Hundra

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The Making of Hundra audio documentary (35Mb)

Like most things in my life, I think my obsession with sleaze, trash and cheese has something to do with my childhood. I grew up in a small town in rural Australia where anything deemed strange or out of the ordinary was generally scoffed at and avoided. I of course, found myself instantly attracted to these weird and wonderful things.

For the most part I found my fix in comic books, pro wrestling and genre films. I particularly liked the “sword and sorcery” genre. Deathstalker, Beast Master, Sorceress, Hercules, Barbarian Queen, Amazons, I loved them all. Through these whacky movies I escaped to a world in which which machismo men and over sexualized women battle mythical creatures while wearing almost nothing. A special place where  both men and women had massive breasts, and anything (except subtlety) could happen. The titillating vhs covers didn’t hurt either.

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