• USA
  • 2014
  • TBC
  • 103 MIN
  • 17 Sep 2014
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Extra Features

  • The Making of Found
  • Deep Dwellers short film
  • Gag Reel
  • Audio Commentary with Author & Director
  • Audio Commentary with Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew

  • Gavin Brown
  • Ethan Philbeck,
  • Phyllis Munro
  • Louie Lawless
  • Written and Directed By: Scott Schirmer
  • Based on a Novel By: Todd Rigney
  • Produced By: Leya Taylor & Damien Wesner
  • Cinematography By: Leya Taylor

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About Found

Shockingly twisted, mind-numbingly bizarre and brutal as hell, FOUND is a coming-of-age tale like no other.

When 10-year-old Marty uncovers a horrifying secret about his older brother, he knows life will never be the same. Suddenly homework, bullies and overbearing parents don’t seem to matter so much, not when terror lives just down the hall.

Discovered and championed by Horror’s first lady, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, FOUND is a gruesome kick in the guts for even the most jaded of horror fans. You may survive watching FOUND, but you’ll never forget it…

"… multiple decapitations… full-frontal nude massacres… and then there are the disturbing parts"

Joe Bob Briggs

"As Horror as Horror can get."

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

"…goes from being a drama about the pains of growing up to full-blown horror film"

" of the most merciless endings ever filmed..."

Horrorhound Magazine

  • Best Film, Best Director & Best Actor

    Elvira's Horror Haunt 2013

  • Best Gore

    Toronto After Dark 2013

  • Best Feature

    New York City Horror Film Festival 2013

  • Best Film

    Drunken Zombie Film Festival 2013

  • Best Film

    Eerie Horror Film Festival 2013

  • Palme d'Gore

    Ft. Collins Horror Film Festival 2013

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