Fury: The Tales of Ronan Pierce

  • USA
  • 2014
  • R(18+)
  • 91 MIN
  • 23 Sep 2015

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Cast and Crew

  • Michael McCarthy
  • Kane Hodder
  • Jordan Elizabeth
  • Harry Aspinwall
  • Wade Gallagher
  • Brad Potts
  • Directed By: Kevin A. McCarthy & Edward Payson
  • Written By: Kevin McCarthy & Michael McCarthy
  • Produced By: Kevin McCarthy & Michael McCarthy
  • Cinematography By: Alex Van Brande
  • Music By: Frantz Widmaier

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About Fury: The Tales of Ronan Pierce

A pulsating tale of justice from the dark alleys of Harbor City. One vigilante cop, Ronan Pierce, rises to avenge his family to the soundtrack of bloody vengeance. He is fuelled by a tragic past, and the recent abduction of his wife. Relentlessly searching for clues, along the way he unleashes a storm of retribution against a viper’s nest of corrupt politicians, human traffickers, drug cartels, organ harvesters, and a twisted assortment of psychos, thugs, and perverts in the dark city. Responsible for both his daughter’s death and his wife’s abduction, the Luna Cartel enslaves thousands of young beautiful women from around the world and harvests organs from its other victims. Joined by his partner Rex and a young circus clown named Karina, Ronan ‘paints the town red’ in his search for bloody justice.

"An intense cinematic experience"

Worchester Herald

"One of the most eccentric, unhinged portrayals of the justice-seeking vigilante ever put to film"


  • Official Selection

    Monster Fest 2014

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