Wrath of the Crows

  • Italy
  • 2014
  • R(18+)
  • 86 MIN
  • 09 Jul 2014

Cast and Crew

  • Tiffany Shepis
  • Debbie Rochon
  • Tara Cardinal
  • Directed By: Ivan Zuccon
  • Screenplay by: Gerardo Di Fillippo
  • Produced By: Zack Ewans & Roberta Marerelli

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About Wrath of the Crows

In the tradition of the great Italian giallo films of the late 70’s and early 80’s comes Ivan Zuccon’s WRATH OF THE CROWS, a stylish, dirty and deeply disturbing film that exposes the very bowels of the human psyche, then rubs your face in them.

In a filthy, narrow jail, prisoners are forced to suffer injustice and indignity both from their guards and each other. When a new inmate, Princess, arrives, seemingly out of nowhere, her sensual appearance begins to cause not only curiosity, but also envy, suspicion and deep sexual agitation. Who is she? Where did she come from? What does she want? The answers to these questions will have shocking ramifications for all the prison’s sadistic inhabitants; guards and prisoners alike.

“Has Some of the most Beautiful, brutal scenes ever committed to film”


“Terrifying and continually gripping”


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