Here’s the reason for the MANIAC ban – read the full report here!

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Howdy my fellow fiends – it seems there’s a lot of talk going on about the NZ banning of MANIAC. Well here’s your chance to have a read of the exact reasons behind the banning of the film.

If you feel aggrieved by the decision of the NZ OFLCĀ  then feel free to write them a letter explaining why – it’ll amaze them that horror fans are smart enough to put pen to paper!

Please if you are in NZ get along to one of the screenings in Auckland or Wellington and show your support to what is a incredible film.

Now before you read this I suggest you remove all breakable objects from your reach and put the cat and/or dog outside – this is really going to piss you off.

Read on…Maniac OFLC report[2]

And here’s the response of the NZIFF…NZIFF Maniac_Media Release 24 July[1]

And here’s the response of Monster Pictures which went out over night…MONSTER PICTURES MEDIA RELEASE ‘MANIAC BANNED’


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